Friday, February 27, 2009

Fresh & Easy

I just did my grocery shopping for the next two weeks and with a $5 off coupoon that I got in the mail, I only paid $24.00 - You can't beat that! So it's official...I HEART Fresh & Easy grocery store! It's my new favorite spot. I think F&E's are only located on the west coast, so for all you east coasters out there...sorry! I love it because it's great healthy food that I can get for a good price. It's like a less expensive version of Trader Joe's. The 50% off section is my favorite. Since everything is so fresh, most of the refrigerated foods have an expiration date. So a few days before they expire they put them in the 50% off section. You can find so many great deals! If I buy stuff from that section, I just make sure to eat it quickly or freeze it. Another think I love is that most (if not all) of their meats are hormone free. If you live near a Fresh and Easy and haven't been...GO! You won't regret it!


Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, I wish we had some of these in the midwest.

Elephant Steps said...

Maybe I should go again. I went to the one that opened down the street from me about 1 week after it opened. I wasn't impressed, and I've never been back. Maybe it's time I give them another chance. I don't remember a 50% off section. Are you working Wednesday? It's my dads birthday, he's getting in for free for the celebration promo.