Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 Grammy Awards

So I watched the Grammy Awards last night. There were some cool moments. There were also some "What the heck were they thinking" moments.

Some of my favorites were Adele, U2, Radiohead, and Coldplay. The British are coming! Oh wait a minute, they're already here!

I was pleasantly surprised by Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. I thought they were great together.

The weirdest moment of the night for me had to be The Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder. I know the Grammy's usually tries to stun us with it's unique artist pairings. But this one was just weird. There was just something about hearing Stevie Wonder sing about how he was "Slipping into the lava" that made me a little sad.

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Elephant Steps said...

I liked MIA , Cold Play, and Estelle and Kanye. Actually over all I thought it was pretty good this year. I was in the other room when Stevie was with the J Bros. I don't really remembering listening at that point.