Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book Review

I'm a big reader...I LOVE books! I could spend hours inside of a bookstore, and all my friends know it. Few of them will venture in with me...(cowards!)

I just finished this great book called Female Chauvinist Pigs by Ariel Levy. The book basically talks about how women are now playing a huge role in the rise of "raunch" in our culture. Here's a great paragraph from the book:

"When I asked females what they got out of raunch culture, I heard similar things about empowering miniskirts and feminist strippers, and so on, but I also heard something else. They wanted to be "one of the guys"; they hoped to be experienced "like a man." Going to strip clubs or talking about porn stars was a way of showing themselves and the men around them that they weren't "prissy little women" or "girly-girls." Besides they told me, it was all in fun, all tongue-in-cheek, and for me to regard this as problematic would be old-school and uncool.

I tried to get with the program, but I could never make the argument add up in my head. How is resurrecting every stereotype of female sexuality that feminism endeavored to banish good for women? Why is laboring to look like Pamela Anderson empowering? And how is imitating a stripper or a porn star going to render us sexually liberated?...If we are really going to be sexually liberated, we need to allow ourselves the freedom to figure out what we internally want from sex instead of mimicking whatever popular culture holds up to us as sexy. If we believed that we were sexy and funny and competent and smart, we would not need to be like strippers or like men, or like anyone other than our own specific individual selves."

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