Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Camp 08

I spent last week up in the mountains with 100 teenagers...and YES I'm still alive! I had a great week at camp, and I got to see God do some amazing things in these young peoples lives. One night the camp speaker sent all of the kids out to go "Walk with God". They had to remain silent, and try to hear God's voice. Then everyone came back together, and a few of them shared what God had spoken to them. The cool thing was when he asked the kids to raise their hands if they'd gotten something from God. I was shocked when about 75% of them raised their hands! I just wasn't expecting that many kids to respond. It just makes me realize even more, that God is always ready to reveal himself to us.

Here are some photos from camp...


Little Things said...

Hey Poppy. I found your new blog. I have a new one too. I have to say I am loving this one! It's more personal and not just about what exercise you did.
It's been at least 15 years since I've been to Hearst Castle, but I remember at the time how awesome it was, and how badly I wanted to go swimming in that pool. :)

Little Things said...

PS. My new blog isn't a weight loss blog, but my new post is about nutrients in foods. It's the first post I've done related to food.