Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quick Update...

First of all I hope you VOTED today! It's a little after 3:00 California time, and the East coast polls will be closing soon. I'm an Obama supporter, and even though the polls say he's up, I'm still nervous! I won't be excited until it's official.

I had my first day of training at Disneyland, and I found out that I'll be working the Indiana Jones Adventure. YEAH! No Tiki room for me! I also found out something really cool. I live really close to the the Disneyland employee parking lot. They basically shuttle employees to and from the park. Since I live nearby I decided I would ride my bike to and from work. I found out yesterday that Disney is basically going to pay me to ride my bike to work! Can you believe that?! I'll get so many points each day I ride my bike to work, and those points translate into dollars. It equals out to $2.00 per day. It's like free gas money!

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Elephant Steps said...

Glad you got Indy, I will make sure to see if you are at the entrance when I'm at the park to say hi one day since I can't go on it while pregnant.
Wow I didn't realize you could get paid to ride your bike to work. That's Fantastic!! And that will add up quick if you work 4-5 days a week!