Saturday, August 30, 2008

Movies that make you think...

Okay, so I know this is late, but I finally got to see Batman today. It's hands down the best movie I've seen this summer. I think it speaks to the fact that we all have the ability choose between good or evil. Sometimes circumstances in our lives force us to make a choice between the two. I thought the scene with the people on the ferry's was really interesting. I just kept thinking what would I do in that circumstance?
I just love it when movies make me think! Here are some other gems that have kept my mind whirling for days...

Do the Right Thing - What an ending! It just made me reflect on race in America.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - These movies are so DEEP! some of the themes include Friendship, Loyalty, Perseverance, Honor, I could go on for days!

The Devil's Advocate - An interesting take on the devil's view of humanity. It's not a movie I really loved, but it did make me think.

Lady in the Water/Unbreakable/Signs - The first two made me reflect on the fact that I believe that each of us has a purpose, and that regular people can do extraordinary things. And the later reminded me that God is big enough for my doubts, and that even when we've given up on him, he's still there. (cue the strings)

Spice World - Just checking to see if you're still paying attention!

The Matrix - Mind boggling, and original. I thought there were lots of spiritual parallels and lessons found in this great flick.

I'm sure I've got more, but that's what I'm coming up with off the top of my head. What about you? What are some movies that have made you think?

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