Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hello blogging world! My name is Poppy...I live in Southern California, and hopefully this blog will be my take on my life, and the world around me. Here's a little more about me...I'm originally from Cleveland Ohio (home of the Cleveland Browns!) I have two younger sisters, that are twins. Their names are Lovey and Dovey.

Both of my sisters are married, and I have lots of cute nieces, and one nephew (Yes he's SPOILED!) These are the oldest two, Tahani and Richelle

Then there's Ivy, Kaiya, and Robert (or Bobby Jr. as I call him)

Can you handle the CUTENESS?!! On a side note...my family is insane. Now I know you're probably thinking, "Hey, every ones family is a little crazy..." Let me assure you that my family beats you all! Things to know about me...I'm Loud, Funny, Creative, Sarcastic (I'm working on this one!) and all kinds of other crazy stuff. My number one goal in life is to Know Jesus. I want to live like him, look like him, and love the heck out of people like he did...Right now I'm going through an amazing time of growth in my relationship with God. I attribute that to the fact that within the past 6 months I've spent more time reading, studying, and meditating on the bible than I ever have before. I've been a youth leader for more years that I can count now, and I'm always tell teenagers that the word of God can change your life. Now I'm finally putting that into action in my own life. Imagine that!

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